Ohio High School Athletic Association

unnamedThe Ohio High School Athletic Association is a private, non-profit association of high schools and 7th-8th grade schools, which are volunteer members. The OHSAA’s mission is to regulate and administer interscholastic athletic competition in a fair and equitable manner while promoting the values of participation in interscholastic athletics as an integral part of a student’s educational experience.


Physicals Done Digitally

The OHSAA initiated the use of PrivIT e-PPE (Electronic Pre-Participation Evaluation) to improve the health and safety of student athletes. The OHSAA’s partnership with PrivIT will streamline the process for the management and collection of physical forms required for participation in high school sports. This includes a more comprehensive health history questionnaire that is easy to use, legible, and accessible to help mitigate injury risks related to sports. The system facilitates the management of the PPE process and provides coaches, athletic trainers, and medical personnel the information they need to react quickly to health situations.