Technology FAQ

iPad 1:1 Program

Are freshmen and sophomores required to have an iPad2 starting August 2013?
Yes. Next year’s freshmen and sophomores will be the first to participate in the 1:1 program. Next year’s juniors and seniors are exempt.
Why iPads instead of Laptops?
There are multiple factors that contributed to this decision:

  • Weight
  • Battery life
  • Educational apps
  • Ease and speed of use to access apps and the Internet
  • Virus immunity
Why an Apple iPad2 instead of an Android tablet?
The apple iOS operating system is significantly more mature and stable than the Android operating system.  Applications available through iTunes are also pre-approved by Apple and considered iPad-friendly. The Android market has no controls or limitations on application development or guidelines, thus these devices would be considered too great a risk for students and faculty at TCS.
Why is the 1:1 program beginning with only the class of 2016 and 2017 instead of the whole school?
This is a huge undertaking and represents an enormous leap forward in use of educational technology at TCS. In order to devote the appropriate resources necessary to make this program successful, we had to set a reasonable goal for the number of participants (students and teachers) for the first year. This change will affect a large number of our teaching staff for next year with every high school teacher being included by the 2014-2015 school year. A significant amount of training and professional development is required. Many schools begin a 1:1 program with just the incoming freshman class but because so many of our classes are mixed between 9th and 10th grades, we could not feasibly exclude the 10th graders.
What will the cost of the program be to families?
Details about the cost structure for the program have been released on the iPad order form and to parents during our iPad Program Parent Presentation.
My child already has an iPad2; can he/she use it?
Yes. Students are not required to purchase a new iPad2 if they already have one. However, iPad2s and not the first generation iPad will be required.
Will all my student’s textbooks be accessible from their iPad?
Yes—all textbooks for 9th and 10th grade courses will be available in a digital format accessible on the iPad and the cost will be included as part of the cost of the program.
What apps will students use on the iPad?
Apps used will vary depending on the courses taken and individual teacher decisions. As a starting point, we are developing a standard list of paid apps which we plan to provide to students as part of the cost of the program, including the following:

  • Keynote (presentation creator/viewer)
  • Numbers (spreadsheet)
  • Pages (word processing)
  • Garage Band (music creation, audio recording)
  • Good Reader (PDF reader, annotate and email to teacher)
  • iMove (create short movies to demonstrate knowledge)
  • Wolfram Alpha (an encyclopedia PLUS)
  • iHomework (student planner/organizer)
  • World Atlas (high resolution maps of the world/satellite)
  • Notability (app for note taking)

In addition to these paid apps, students will all download a standard list of free applications such as the Bible, dictionary, and flashcard makers.

Will the iPad be restricted from students installing apps?
No! Unlike other schools, we strongly believe students should have the right to install any app that will enhance their learning style and educational experience. This will allow the iPad2 to individualize each student’s instructional needs as well as allow creativity to explore new learning applications. We believe students must learn to be responsible digital citizens. Only students who abuse this privilege by violation of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) will find their apps restricted.
Will cellular iPads be allowed?
Yes. Families may purchase a cellular capable iPad2 for an additional charge. They would have to pay the monthly cellular expense as well. However, TCS must be informed of all students with cellular equipped iPads and the cellular connection must be disabled during the school day. Students may only use the TCS wireless system to access the Internet and applications. If students are found using their mobile cellular connection, the student will be subject to disciplinary action.
What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud Computing is applications and storage that run and are accessed through the Internet. Instead of installing an app or saving a file to a device, the application and/or file would be stored over the Internet and accessible by any device. This is the future of computing.
What happens if the iPad2 is lost or stolen?
All iPad2s must be enrolled in the Find My iPad program from Apple. This is a free service that will enable the GPS tracking device embedded on all iPads. Once the beacon is activated and the iPad2 is connected to the Internet, the location will become available through either the iCloud or MobileMe website.
Will there be a loaner program?
TCS’s Technology staff will maintain a supply of loaner iPad2s, but this will be restricted to students whose iPad2s are under repair.
Will TCS allow jailbroken or rooted iPads?
No, these devices will not be allowed for student use. Any student who violated the Acceptable Use Policy this way will have voided the warranty and the family will be responsible for purchasing a new iPad2 at the full replacement cost.