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School Hours

Monday through Friday, 8:00am-3:00pm

Office Hours

About Us_1_Contact Us_3_ImageMonday through Friday, 7:45am-3:45pm


2303 Brookford Drive
Toledo, OH 43614
419.389.8700 phone
419.389.8703 fax

*Parking tips: Visitors should park on the Anthony Wayne Trail side of the building, near our Chapel.

General Information



Administrative Office

419.389.8700 x183 (Patrice Dick)


Admissions Office

419.389.8700 x152 (Kim Gibson)


Athletics Office

419.389.8700 x 133  Athletic Director (Tim Wensink)

419.389.8700 x 134  Athletic Dept. Office Asst. (Aimee Fortney)


Finance Office

419.389.8700 x151 (Kathy Lewis)


Elementary Office

419.389.8700 x145 (Lori Miller)


Junior High/High School Offices

419.389.8700 x141 (Sarah Koziarski)


Attendance Line

419.389.8700 please call absences by 7:30am


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