A Plan for Excellence at Every Age

Walking by a elementary classroom on any given day, you will hear students chanting parts of speech, reciting Latin verb endings, memorizing Bible verses, retelling historical events, engaging in classroom discussions, or even singing.  If you peek inside, you will see students practicing classroom presentations, working on projects together, acting out a scene from Shakespeare, reading aloud a passage from literature, painting, drawing, or sculpting, or practicing for an upcoming music program.

Each and every student is challenged and inspired by our classical Christian curriculum while being given the “tools” with which to further their learning and a passion for knowledge all brought together in their convergence with Christ.

Students are taught principles of self-governance, from a posture that enables them to be ready to learn to the loving discipline administered as a means to shepherd a child’s heart. Structure surrounds classroom life, providing familiar routines and clear boundaries within which students will grow secure and confident.

Through art, music, math, science, history, geography, poetry and literature, students are presented with examples of beauty– God’s aesthetic and order revealed. They learn to observe and look for God’s Hand in their studies, from the weaving of history (God’s story) to the paintings of the masters; from the themes of the Gospel (stories of conflict and redemption) to the intricate patterns of mathematics. All studies provide an opportunity to learn more about God: His World and His Word. Students are taught that beauty matters, and are provided with tools to create beauty.

By fostering community and whole-class learning, students learn from their early school days that their classmates are their encouragers. 1 Thessalonians 5:14 calls us to “admonish the idle, encourage the faint-hearted, help the weak, be patient with them all,” and these commands are reinforced at Toledo Christian throughout their schooling years. Together, students hearts are “knit together in love” as they grow side-by-side.

Seeds sown in these younger years will yield fruit later as students blossom into disciplined, articulate scholars, capable of defending their faith in various arenas. At Toledo Christian School we are delighted to join hands with like-minded parents in this important task of discipling children.

Joy McWhinnie
Elementary Principal