Elementary Curriculum

Language Arts

As a result of a TCS Language Arts education, students recognize language is a gift from God and as such should be used to glorify and serve Him. Students are encouraged to develop a lifelong love of learning through reading, study, and applying scriptural principles to these studies. Read more


Mathematics is one tool by which we better understand God’s precise, orderly, and sometimes mysterious creation. As a result of a TCS mathematics education, students will value mathematics and develop proficiency in the use of mathematics. Proficiency in mathematics learning refers to conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, strategic competence, and adaptive reasoning. Read more

Physical Education

Above all, physical education at TCS reflects the high value God places on human life and the respect we have for each person in God’s community. Activities offer opportunities for spiritual growth where students are encouraged to explore how Christ would react. Read more

Science & Health

Science is a method of inquiry founded upon the order of the natural world and the design of its Creator, and in addition, science is an ongoing process that is limited as an investigative tool. Students become responsible, independent, questioning, creative, and organized learners moving from curiosity to familiarity, then mastery of scientific skills, processes, concepts, and theories. Read more

Social Studies

Students acquire an awareness and understanding of the world, its people, and its history and investigate ways the past may influence the present. Within the diverse range of Christian perspective, students explore patterns of human and environmental interaction through history, geography, government, and economics, aware of the interconnectedness of these disciplines. Read more


Students at TCS, through the study of Spanish, will appreciate the unlimited capabilities that God has given all peoples for glorifying and serving Him through language. They will recognize that “the body of Christ is made up of people of faith, of all nations, all languages, all races”. Read more

Visual Fine Arts

TCS Visual Fine Arts is designed to nurture and develop the student’s God-given desire to create and appreciate the aesthetic beauty in God’s universe. Students use value judgments to make decisions about art that honors God and shows appreciation for God’s handiwork and its effect on their lives. Read more