Gifted and Enrichment

Higher Ground Gifted/Enrichment Program

Grade Level Pull-Out

Students in grades 3-6 identified as gifted or highly able are pulled out of their regular classroom for a half-day once a week. Working in the Higher Ground Resource Room, these students concentrate on six different areas: current events, logic and analogies, critical and creative thinking, Continental Math League, research and unit study. Students also attend the computer lab on a weekly basis.

Whole Class Enrichment Programs

Each classroom, grades 1-6, is visited biweekly to work on a lesson in brainstorming, creative/critical thinking, logic and problem solving skills.

Independent Study

Students in grades 3-6 have the opportunity to meet individually with the HG teacher to set up an independent study in an area of the student’s interest.

Primary Enrichment Program

Students in grades 1-3 meet with a Primary Enrichment Parent every other week to participate in science, math, problem solving and creative/critical thinking activities.

Junior Great Books

After reading a story, students in grades 1-8 meet once a week with a parent or teacher to participate in interactive group discussions.

Future Problem Solving

Students in grade 1-3 participate non-competitively in the Future Problem Solving Program. We hope to add a grade per year in the FPS program. Beginning in grade 4 the students will compete on a state and national level.

For further information contact Jeanne Segler.
Higher Ground Coordinator/Teacher