Sixth Grade Scholars

To Serve, To Lead

Each of you should look not only to your own interest, but also to the interests of others. (Philipians 2: 4)


The Sixth Grade Scholars program was developed specifically for our sixth graders.  In 2017, sixth grade was once again integrated with the elementary school.  As in years past it had been considered part of the junior high.  This change instituted several changes for our students.  First students were moved back to the elementary floor to occupy two open classrooms, secondly the students were shifted away from a period schedule to a more flexible traditional classroom, and finally the most exciting change, students had the opportunity as the oldest on the elementary floor to act as an example for the younger students.

To help students adjust to this new leadership responsibility, the school developed a program exclusively for the entire sixth grade called Sixth Grade Scholars.  The purpose of the program is to train the students in the area of leadership and provide opportunities for them to put the principles of servant leadership into practice.


On August 15, 2017 the program was launched with a Leadership Day that included special speakers, games, and break-out sessions.  Once the school year started, students were assigned to other elementary classrooms in which they serve weekly.

Mr. Jeff Gagle, sixth grade teacher, trained the students in practical classroom support skills such as making copies, putting up bulletin boards, and working with students.  Students receive continual training by studying a leader from the Bible before they head to their classrooms to serve.

In addition to their service role within the classroom, the Sixth Grade Scholars also serve the greater TCS community by helping with supply drop-off, Grandparents Day, and leading praise and worship in chapel every week.  Growing into a time of life that tends to be self-focused, the sixth graders are being encouraged every day to look outside themselves to the needs of others and embody the meaning of their motto, “Servire, ducere,” which means, “To serve, to lead.”