High School Course Selections

2018 – 2019 PDF Course Descriptions


Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from TCS, a student must meet a minimum of 26 credits to graduate.

Content Area

Unit Required

English 4
Bible 1 Credit for each year at TCS
Mathematics 4* (1 credit for each year at TCS)
Science 3
Social Studies 3***
Health 0.5
Physical Education .5****
Fine Arts (Art, Band, Choir, Drama) 1
Electives 3-4
Foreign Language 2*****
Logic 1 (Class 2022 & beyond)
Total 26


*Math must include Algebra II.

*** This includes 1 unit of World History, 1 unit of US History, and 1 unit of United States Government & Economics.

**** PE credit can be exempt by playing two seasons of a sport, band, or color guard. Once exempt a student will need to make up that .5 credit in another area.

*****Two years of a Foreign Language is required, three years is recommended.