1:1 Technology Program

Technology Program Features Chromebooks

TCS is committed to the responsible and educational use of technology to accelerate learning, while also protecting students from the dangers inherent in the use of technology.  TCS encourages parents to have an ongoing discussions with their students about values and responsible behavior while using the internet.

Chromebook Program

Our desire at Toledo Christian is to maintain an up-to-date and relevant 1:1 technology program that perfectly complements the classical Christian education provided to our students.  While TCS originally utilized iPads for this purpose, Chromebooks better suit the content creation (rather than content consumption) needs of our students and teachers.  All freshman and all new students entering grades 10-12 will be required to purchase a Chromebook through the TCS Technology Fee.  Only Chromebooks purchased through TCS will be connected to the school network.

Chromebooks are essentially laptop computers designed specifically for cloud computing.  Their portability, battery life, offline capabilities, and utilization of the Google Apps for Education Suite make them an ideal tool for high school students, and consequently Chromebooks are being adopted by many schools nationwide and on an international level.  In the classroom, Chromebooks allow students and teachers to collaborate in real time while each using their own device, and teachers can even instantly send the whole class to the same website at the click of a button.  Online safety is another important component in our decision to adopt Chromebooks.

Chromebooks purchased through TCS will only allow access to TCS-assigned user accounts and will have content filtering restrictions that continue in effect off-site.  In other words, TCS is able to control the apps and websites used by students any time of the day and at any location the Chromebook is used (both at school and at home), keeping our students safer than ever.  When a student graduates or otherwise permanently departs from TCS, he or she may request that restrictions be removed.  Upon request to the IT department, all restrictions will be removed from the device, and the student may use it as he or she see fit.