New to High School?


9th Grade Transition

The 9th Grade year is a transitional year for students. Each incoming 9th Grade class includes students both from TCS and from other schools, which means students often come in at varying readiness levels. It is our goal to assist students in whatever way necessary so that they can be successful as high school students at TCS.

New High School Students

We recognize that students join us here at TCS in different grades of high school. Regardless of when students come, one of our goals is to support and push them so that they feel safe to take risks and accept challenges academically. This includes helping them to improve their skills in thinking, reading, writing, researching, and presenting. These foundational skills (and others) prepare students to become lifelong learners who are well-equipped to pursue and develop the gifts, talents, and interests given to them by their Creator.  Students sometimes struggle when they first come to TCS, but our teachers are committed to helping them with the transition, and our Academic Resource Center provides further focused assistance as needed.