Junior High Curriculum

Junior High is a time filled with opportunities for spiritual, academic, and social growth. At TCS we strive to provide a safe, academically robust environment where our students can flourish under the direction of highly qualified educators who truly care about their success.

Curriculum is reviewed regularly to ensure the education we provide meets and exceeds current standards. While curriculum is important, our primary goal is spiritual formation, i.e., shaping students into what God wants them to be.  Our curriculum is not merely adding Christian perspective to a secular curriculum, but rather we start from Christian principles and utilize a classical Christian curriculum and methods to raise students who will impact their world for Christ. Our teachers consciously and conscientiously incorporate a biblical world-view in and through the lessons our students receive daily. English and History courses are taught at an honors level, and honors’ courses are offered in mathematics. In addition, all junior high students study Latin, art, and physical education and are required to choose either band or choir as part of their core curriculum.

Students in junior high are at the classical logic stage.  The emphasis and curriculum fits well with these years when young people begin to question, to challenge, and to test things themselves.  The logic stage will teach them how to integrate facts into a coherent system that reflects biblical truth.

In addition to academics, a wide range of extra-curricular activities are offered. Junior high sports include basketball, cheerleading, cross country, football, track, and volleyball. Several clubs meet on a regular basis to provide additional extra-curricular opportunities.  Clubs offered in a given year depend on student and teacher interest, but past examples have included cooking club, Math Counts, chess club, robotics, and Power-of-the-Pen.

Social development and spiritual growth are also a vital part of the junior high experience. Several times throughout the year, we provide fun activities to promote a positive social experience. Spirit weeks, field trips, all-school activities, and spiritual emphasis events create an atmosphere of unity and enjoyment. Service projects and outreach opportunities are available throughout the year and teach the students empathy, responsibility and community. Our weekly chapel service also contributes to this environment.  In addition, students are members of Camps, the junior high precursor to the high school House program.  Camps have frequent competitions of various kinds throughout the year as well as social functions.


Grade Specific Curriculum

Course Lead Sheets, including summaries of the classical Christian curriculum for junior high Humanities classes, are available for download.  They are under a constant state of review to ensure that our students are receiving the best classical Christian education possible.

7th Grade

English & History 7th Grade Course Sheet

8th Grade

English & History 8th Grade Course Sheet