The Great Shake


The Junior High Great Shake Competition is a multi-part event where students gain experience and compete in public speaking.


2019 Theme is “Mission Possible”


PART ONE (Preliminaries) on January 25, 2019

All students in grades seven and eight select and research a mission organization, then prepare a 3-minute speech presenting their organization to a panel of judges for scoring. Student speeches will be scored on eye contact, smile, enthusiasm, posture, appropriate volume and pacing, as well as content and knowledge of their mission organization. Students are encouraged to memorize their speeches, however, note cards can be used as a reference. The top 25 scoring students will move on to Part Two.

PART TWO (semi-finals and finals) on February 15, 2019

The top 25 students from Part One compete in a series of challenges using their communication and handshaking skills. Part Two challenges are situations for which students are not given advance notice, such as calming an irate customer, advertising a product on TV, asking a boss for a raise, or giving a pep talk to an athletic team after a tough loss.

The top ten students from the morning are taken off campus for four more elimination round challenges. The first three challenges will be held at local business; past locations have been insurance groups, military posts, engineering firms, television stations, and government offices.

The final two students go out to dinner with a distinguished guest to practice dinner etiquette and conversation skills to determine the final winner.

2019 Great Shake Winner:  Mackenzie Bradley

Finalist Judges:  Fire Chief Byrd



2018 Great Shake Winner:  Maggie McWhinnie

Finalist Judges:  Craig and Jane Williams


2017 Winner:  Mackenzie Bradley

Finalist Judges: Ben & Lauren Snyder