The Eagles’ Nest Preschool

The true gem of the Junior Kindergarten program, by Memoria Press, is that it was the very last grade designed in the 13 year curriculum.  It follows a top down approach that serves the complete Classical Christian Curriculum so beautifully, combining high expectations with appropriate preparation.  Our Eagle’s Nest program will provide your child with a thorough, yet gentle, foundation.  Our goals are simple-introduce young students to the joy of learning, and the satisfaction of a job well done.  The Junior Kindergarten curriculum is consistent with the long-term goals of a Classical Christian education, and will focus on:

  • age-appropriate, quality content
  • classical children’s literature
  • well prioritized objectives
  • recitation
  • repetition

We want our youngest students well prepared, “reading ready” and academically mature.  As importantly, we want our young students to delight in the pleasures of this stage of life-to capitalize on the curiosity and enthusiasm of their youth and to enjoy the songs, stories, games, rhymes and prayers enjoyed by pre-school aged children for generations.  Alphabet, Numbers and Literature components ensure Kindergarten readiness, while music, poetry and prayer provide joy and cultural literacy and are well suited to the mind and soul of the young child.

Joy McWhinnie
Elementary/Eagle’s Nest Principal