Classical Education

The Eagle’s Nest Preschool and PreKindergarten programs have been carefully and purposefully designed based on how young children learn. The young child is providentially positioned to be naturally inquisitive, both willing and capable of memorizing a great deal of information. This stage in learning is known as the grammar stage. During the grammar stage, our primary aim is to take advantage of these God-given tendencies by providing for their immersion into a great deal of meaningful material. This will include, but is not limited to: recitation, rhyme, poetry, prayer, and song. Language use, alphabetic principle, handwriting technique, arts and crafts, and the development of number sense are all part of our comprehensive curriculum.


Children’s Literature

Excellent children’s literature is a pillar in the education of a young child, providing a gateway into a wider world of wonder, beauty, delight, and adventure. Books create experiences that bid a child grow, that add something to his/her inner stature. Children and books go together in a special way. Every beautifully crafted page affords us the opportunity of bringing the uncluttered and pliant mind of a child the delight of knowing God and all the richness He has given us to enjoy. This is the privilege of every parent, “to introduce a child to the wonder of words put together in such a way that they spin out pure joy and magic.”

Ready to go, but wondering where to start?  Honey for a Child’s Heart, by Gladys Hunt is a recommended read for Preschool and PreKindergarten parents.