The Daily Schedule

Structure, routine, and careful organization of schedule are respected as vital components to the development of a child’s independence and responsibility. Our daily schedules are carefully planned with these goals in mind.  Each day will include, but will not be limited to, the following components:

♦ Arrival-morning work/table time
♦ Morning Meeting-calendar, prayer and devotions, recitation, music and rhyme
♦ Specials-Gym, Art, Music and Library
♦ Snack-provided for all students
♦ Circle Time-Literature selection, Large group Alphabet and Number Lessons
♦ Centers-small group lessons
♦ Outdoor/Gross Motor play
♦ Lunch*(this completes the half-day program)
♦ Rest time
♦ Snack
♦ Afternoon choice time
♦ Outdoor/Gross Motor play

Hours of Operation

Half Day 8:05 am-12:00 pm
Full Day 8:05 am-2:50 pm

Weekly Schedule Options

Preschool Options

Pre-Kindergarten Options

5 Full Days 5 Full Days
3 Full Days 5 Half Days
5 Half Days 3 Half Days & 2 Full Days
3 Half Days
3 Half Days & 2 Full Days


Weekly Specials

Art, Gym, Library, and Music