What else can I do at home?

What else can I do at home?

In Language Arts you can…

READ, READ, READ!  “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents…”

 TALK ABOUT THE STORIES…Who is the Main Character?  How is s/he feeling?  What is the setting?  What was the  problem?

 Practice letter recognition with flash cards

 Practice sight words, you can use any beginner word list (check online)

 Play rhyming games, read poetry, or sing favorite songs together

In Math you can…

 Play Classic games, like Candyland or Memory

 Sort and pattern with anything around the house or outdoors, like buttons, leaves or pinecones

 Write numbers in salt, flour or other sensory material

 Practice matching (and get some help with the laundry!) using socks

 Work on simple addition and subtraction using story problems (see me for suggestions!)

In Bible you can…

 Read it, talk about it, and invest in one or two kid-friendly devotionals…just don’t forget about it!

But Most Importantly…

 Spend time together

 Make wonderful memories

 Schedule a play date or two with friends from school

Is your child beginning to read?

Check out SightWords.com.  It is a FREE resource that allows you print Pre-K appropriate sight words, and even generate your own!

Sight Words


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