Drop Off Program

The Drop Off Program is for Elementary Students K-6 to come to the Toledo Christian Campus and have a time of learning with their peers.   They are given the opportunity to learn in a group setting, enjoy time with other Homeschool Program students, as well participate in learning and activities centered around a chosen theme for the year.

The Drop Off Program is held the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month, from 9-11:30 AM.  Parents drop their student off in the Homeschool Program area and are free to leave during the class time and then return for pick up.


Homeschool Program Writing Class

Students ages 6th grade – 12th grade participate in a Writing Class, once per week for 45 minutes.  They are given instruction and assignments that will give them tools to improve their writing in all subject areas.

History Day

Students dress up as a Historical Person and give a brief presentation of who they are and their importance in our History.









Science Fair

Homeschool Program Students put together a project or experiment to display.  They are then able to share their findings with the other students and parents.


Third Quarter Training

This event is exclusively for Homeschool Program Moms!  We gather together for a beautiful lunch where we are able to connect with other women who share the common thread of homeschooling.  Speakers address relevant topics, encourage and challenge during this special time together.