Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What grades are offered through TC Homeschool?

Kindergarten – 12 grade


What is required of the primary teaching parent?

  • The primary teaching parent must profess to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and attend church regularly.
  • View homeschool education as a commitment and a calling
  • Have the time and ability to plan for and teach at his/her child’s educational level and accept responsibility to do so.
  • Accept responsibility for attending all scheduled meetings
  • Received a High School Diploma or the equivalent


Does TC Homeschool require using certain curriculum?

Families have freedom to choose the best curriculum for their children, in accordance with Toledo Christian Statement of Faith.


Can my child take classes of their choice at Toledo Christian?

Middle and High School students have access to all of the classes offered on campus: Foreign Language, Science, Math, Language, etc.  They may take up to 3 classes on campus, for an additional charge to the base homeschool tuition.

Lower School students can participate in Music, Art, and Gym classes, as a part of their tuition.


Is a uniform required on campus?

A uniform is required when attending any class at Toledo Christian School.


Can my child play sports at Toledo Christian?

A middle or high school student may play sports as a home educated student.  They need to be enrolled in the Toledo Christian Homeschool Program, and take one class on campus.  This can be any class of their choice that meets daily, is worth 1 high school credit, and meets the entire school year.

Some Lower School sports are available to home educated students.  They would have to be enrolled in the Toledo Christian Homeschool Program, but do not need to participate in a core curriculum class on campus.


Can my homeschool student get a diploma from Toledo Christian?

A student who is in the Toledo Christian Homeschool Program for their Junior and Senior year of high school and has the required number of high school credits will receive a Toledo Christian diploma. They will participate in the cap and gown ceremony with all of the school’s seniors in the graduating class.


Does Toledo Christian keep track of my student’s high school transcript?

When a student is enrolled in the Toledo Christian Homeschool Program, they are a TC student and all of their grades, both at home and on campus are recorded on their high school transcript.


Can my High School Student participate in College Credit Plus?

College Credit Plus is a program where 7-12 grade students can attend college classes, on a college campus or online.  The credits they earn give them both high school and college credit.  It is a program funded by the State of Ohio, and there is no cost to the students.