High School

High School

Course Work

In the TC Homeschool Program the child’s education coordinator is primarily the parent. The parent compiles the curriculum that the child will use for each subject under the help and guidance of the Homeschool Director. This can be from a wide variety of different sources: purchased curriculum, homeschool co-ops, or items from the TC Homeschool Resource Room. The primary teaching parent along with the Homeschool Director formulate a plan for the school year. Then the primary teaching parent guides the assignments, test and accumulates grades for courses taken at home.


High School Students (9-12)

Students may take courses on campus here at Toledo Christian. They may take up to 3 classes on campus, when enrolled as a homeschool student. All classes meet daily at a fixed time period. Students would come to class for that period(s) and participate in the class with the other students in a traditional classroom setting. All assignments, homework, tests and exams are assigned by the course teacher. The grade would then be calculated and recorded by the course teacher.

All Grade Levels have chapel on a weekly bases that Homeschool Students are encouraged to attend.


Extra-curricular Activities

Students are entitled to participate in all extracurricular activities that are available, for an example,

playing and attending Sports (specific requirements need to be met to play sports), After School Clubs, TC Cares work days, Pep Rallies, Homecoming, Prom, Drama Productions, etc.


Benefits of Partnering with Toledo Christian

Benefits for all Homeschooling Students K-12:

  • All grades are kept by Toledo Christian, both on campus and off campus classes
  • Support by Certified Teacher
  • School Community
  • Lasting Friendships


Benefits for High School Students:

  • Access to all On Campus Classes
  • AP and Honors Classes
  • Foreign Language
  • Band and Choir
  • Access to Guidance Counselor for High School classes as well as college planning
  • Sports – Playing and Attending
  • Pep Rallies
  • Annual Field Trips: 10th grade – Washington DC, Jr/Sr Retreat, and 12th grade – Senior Trip
  • Testing
  • ACT Prep Course
  • College Credit Plus
  • After School Clubs and Activities
  • TC Cares Community Outreach
  • Spiritual Emphasis Events
  • Weekly Chapel
  • Prom/Homecoming
  • Class Rings/Letter Jackets
  • Cap and Gown Ceremony
  • Senior Send Off
  • Toledo Christian Diploma
  • Yearbook
  • Complete Transcript from Toledo Christian School
  • Class Reunions