How It Works

How the Partnership Works

Step 1: Families apply and are admitted to Toledo Christian Schools per the admissions qualifications.

Step 2: Once you are enrolled in the Homeschool Program, families meet with the Homeschool Program Director to map out an educational plan for the year. This would include what courses will be taken and the curriculum that would be used to complete each course, benchmarks and goals.

Step 3: The student and the primary teaching parent, meet with the TC Homeschool Director on a monthly basis to assess progress and mastery of coursework.

Step 4: The parent submits grades for each course that is taught at home. These grades are compiled with any grades given for courses taken on campus and recorded by the Homeschool Program Director on a quarterly basis. An official cumulative folder for each K-12 student is maintained by the Toledo Christian School Office.


Course Work

In the TC Homeschool Program the child’s education coordinator is primarily the parent. The parent compiles the curriculum that the child will use for each subject under the help and guidance of the Homeschool Director. This can be from a wide variety of different sources: purchased curriculum, homeschool co-ops, or items from the TC Homeschool Resource Room.   The primary teaching parent along with the Homeschool Director formulate a plan for the school year. Then the primary teaching parent guides the assignments, tests and accumulates grades for courses taken at home.

High School students (9-12)

Students may take courses on campus here at Toledo Christian. They may take up to 3 classes on campus, when enrolled as a homeschool student. All classes meet daily at a fixed time period. Students would come to class for that period(s) and participate in the class with the other students in a traditional classroom setting. All assignments, homework, tests and exams are assigned by the course teacher. The grade would then be calculated and recorded by the course teacher.

Junior High Students (7-8)

Students are eligible to take classes in the same format as High School Students.

Elementary School Students (K-6)

Students are entitled to attend Music class, Gym class, and Art class.

All Grade Levels have chapel on a weekly bases that Homeschool Students are encouraged to attend.


Curriculum & Materials

Choose the right curriculum for your family.

At TC Homeschool, we understand that choosing curriculum is a personal choice that reflects your teaching style and your children’s learning styles. Toledo Christian families have the flexibility to select the curriculum and material best suited to meet their needs. Families have access to resources in our Homeschool Resource Room, or can purchase material of their own.



TC Homeschooling families are supported by the Homeschool Director who meets regularly with the primary teaching parent to provide creative teaching approaches, encouragement, and prayer, along with overseeing academic progress. In collaboration with the teaching parent, the Homeschool Director will complete a grade card for each student. An official cumulative folder for each K-12 student is maintained by the Toledo Christian School Office.


Standardized Testing

As home educators, we want to ensure that our children are progressing. Each spring, TC Homeschool students are given the Terra Nova Standardized Test. This is a required of all students at TC and TC Homeschool.