Course Work

In the TC Homeschool Program the child’s education coordinator is primarily the parent. The parent compiles the curriculum that the child will use for each subject under the help and guidance of the Homeschool Director. This can be from a wide variety of different sources: purchased curriculum, homeschool co-ops, or items from the TC Homeschool Resource Room.   The primary teaching parent along with the Homeschool Director formulate a plan for the school year. Then the primary teaching parent guides the assignments, test and accumulates grades for courses taken at home.

Students are entitled to attend Music class, Gym class, and Art class.

All Grade Levels have chapel on a weekly bases that Homeschool Students are encouraged to attend.


Benefits of Partnering with Toledo Christian

Benefits for all Homeschooling Students K-12:

  • All grades are kept by Toledo Christian, both on campus and off campus classes
  • Support by Certified Teacher
  • School Community
  • Lasting Friendships


Benefits for Elementary Students:

  • Music, Gym, Art Classes
  • Musical Programs- Christmas, Spring
  • Class Field Trips: 2nd Grade Cleveland Zoo, 4th Grade Camp, 5th Grade Camp, and many others
  • Class Celebrations
  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • Speech Meet
  • Spelling Bee