Spiritual Formation Calendar

Dave Westmeyer

Dear TCS Family,

When Mr. Gibson approached me to consider becoming the Spiritual Life Director at TCS, one of the first questions I asked myself was, “what is one thing I can do to affect the whole TCS family.” I am convinced of several things: 1. The Word of God must be our foundation, 2. Our students must have strong biblical literacy, 3. Most homes would love to have some help with spiritual formation, and 4. It would be great if everyone had access to one spiritual formation tool. I wanted to come up with something scriptural, short, simple, and systematic so that it would be easy to implement.

The solution that I came up with was a daily spiritual formation calendar. The calendar is designed with a monthly theme. Every Monday there will be a new verse for the week that relates to the monthly topic. Tuesdays will provide you with a few discussion questions. Every Wednesday there will be a quote that relates to the topic. On Thursdays there is a challenge based on the week’s verse. Friday will close the week out with a prayer. A copy of the calendar will be emailed to each home and given to each teacher. Our teachers will spend a few moments going over the material in class. My hope is that our families will spend a few moments discussing the day’s content also. You may want talk about it at a meal or on your way to or from school.

I am convinced spending a few minutes each day over the course of a long period of time will have worthwhile, long term influence. It is my hope and prayer that the daily spiritual formation calendars will provide each class, student, and family with a simple tool that will enhance their walk with Christ, and have eternal impact! I am both blessed and excited to be working with you and your students. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

Pastor Dave Westmeyer
Director of Spiritual Life
419.389.8700 x142


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