High School

Exploring, Connecting, Discovering

At TCS, we make it our mission to help each student become the person God meant him or her to be. That’s why we provide all of our students with plenty of opportunities to try new activities while deepening long-standing skills and interests.

But we don’t just offer these opportunities and wait for students to find them. We create a school-wide culture of enthusiastic exploration, where investigating new experiences is the norm. In this safe, supportive environment, students feel confident to try, fail, and try again—discovering previously unknown reservoirs of talent, intelligence, perseverance, curiosity, and good humor. And they make life-long friends in the process.

On any given day, you’ll find talent blossoming all over campus: budding photographers, curious scientists, and inspired improvisers, not to mention competitive athletes, dedicated servant-leaders, and a conscientious student senate. These are only a few examples of the God-given abilities we help our students cultivate. And while students are growing, parents are growing too. TCS has a vast, supportive community of parents who fellowship together, pray together, and encourage our students.

How can your student uncover his or her talents at TCS? Take a look at the below links for each in the left navigation bar – each is a gateway to exploring a variety of opportunities for your student.

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