Why Give?

You Really Do Make a Difference!

The outstanding education and programs experienced by our students have been made possible by the philanthropic support of many individuals, families and foundations. To continue to provide Toledo Christian students with programs of excellence, TC relies on support from families, faculty/staff and the greater Toledo Christian community. Support is provided in many ways: volunteerism, donations and helping to market our school throughout the community.

Over 1,700 graduates have been nurtured and empowered to become the unique masterpieces God has created them to be. We have a proven history of preparing students for college and life beyond by igniting a passion for spiritual growth and lifelong learning. Join us today and make a difference.

Community Support

Family, Church, School and Community

We believe that the education of children is best accomplished when there are strong partnerships created between family, church, school and community.  Each of us has different talents and gifts that we bring to this partnership.  And as we are a ministry designed to educate, disciple and prepare young people for life and service to our Lord, there are rich rewards being laid up in heaven for those who give of themselves liberally.  We strive to prepare young people to be world changers through their vocation and through proclamation of Jesus wherever they are at.  We want them to revitalize the world. To operate a successful educational experience that delivers these results, we depend on

  • Churches who understand the impact that Christian education can have on their members and help connect young families to the school.
  • Businesses that value the outcome of the education experience that produces indispensable members of society who are richly armed with the skills to either enter the work place or continue their education in college, to give funds and services to underwrite and expand the ministry.
  • Individuals who see the impact the school is having on young lives, families and the community and bring their gifts of talent and treasure to magnify the ministry’s impact on the world.

We strive to provide a variety of means to participate that are mutually beneficial for all involved whether providing marketing access to business partners for their donations or offering fundraising opportunities to individuals in a manner that is beneficial to them.  We pray that you will choose to find as many ways as possible to impact the furtherance of His kingdom by being involved.